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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

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Chapter 5: Choosing The Right Airbrush Tanning Solution

Which airbrush tanning solution is the best? Just like equipment, that depends on whom you ask. There are so many solutions available today, and each day that passes another surfaces claiming to be the best. Buyer beware is the best advice I can give. There are literally dozens of solutions available that are marketed under different names that are actually the same product. They are being manufactured by one laboratory and private labeled for individual garage based businesses with an Internet presence that all wish to capitalize on the airbrush tanning boom. This is a great way for the solution manufacturer to sell more of its product, but unfortunately the airbrush-tanning artist looking for the best solution is often wasting money on the same product carrying a different label.

Cosmetic formulation costs big money and the majority of airbrush tanning companies do not own their own formulas. They are at the mercy of a private labeler to provide them with products they have no control over. They are simply promised it is the best, when in the majority of cases this is simply not true. I could get into a chemistry lesson here, but unfortunately the majority of people would not understand. The fact is that cosmetic formulators are like chefs and no two prepare the “ dish “ the same way. Even worse, sometimes the same chef doesn’t prepare the dish the same way resulting in the very worst problem; inconsistency. 

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