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Scentual Sun Airbrush Tanning Systems is a privately held corporation founded by its President, Paul Jaeger. Jaeger was the former Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a sunless tanning product manufacturer and has an extensive sales, marketing, and technical background. An entrepreneur, former independent marketing consultant, and industrial sales engineer, he is well versed in all aspects of his business. He feels that sharing this knowledge with his customers is integral to their success.

Seeing a need to bring airbrush tanning into the mainstream, Jaeger started the first airbrush tanning salon in his hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. The salon, which was opened primarily as a test bed for the development of what is now the Scentual Sun product line remains a fully operational salon and serves as the corporate headquarters, research and development laboratory, and training facility for Scentual Sun customers.

All Scentual Sun products are manufactured by state of the art FDA approved manufacturing facilities under Jaeger’s guidance and approval. Jaeger has personally tested many different manufacturers solutions. Initially Jaeger did not charge for the service not knowing what results might come from the use of personally untested solutions. 

By tanning non-paying test subjects the empirical data collected from hourly, daily and weekly follow-ups were the basis for the design of his product line. Jaeger designed the line truly around the wants, needs and desires of the customer with their ultimate satisfaction as his primary goal. Because of this, the Scentual Sun system can meet the needs of anyone that walks through the door of his salon or yours. From the businessman or woman, to the fitness or pageant contestant, the Scentual Sun airbrush tanning system can please them all.

Scentual Sun Airbrush Tanning Systems and President Paul Jaeger were featured as the “Business Of The Week” in the Lynchburg News and Advance's Saturday Business Journal on October 26, 2002.
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Toll-free (US and Canada): 888-326-9168, International: 1-434-386-9600
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