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  Training: Airbrush Tanning

Every Scentual Sun professional system purchase includes a free two-day airbrush tanning, training and certification course at our corporate or distributor headquarters. The training includes everything you will need to know about starting, running, maintaining and marketing a successful airbrush tanning business or adding airbrush tanning to a pre-existing business.

Unless you are a professionally trained airbrush tanning veteran just looking to change to a better product line, I recommend that all airbrush tanning technicians participate in this training. There are no videotapes or CD’s that can cover all these areas effectively.

There is no substitute for a properly trained, well equipped, technician. You and your customers deserve the very best and at Scentual Sun we are dedicated to seeing that you get it.

For customers that already own equipment and would like to attend our training the cost is $500.00 for the two-day course plus $50.00 for each additional person with a maximum of three people. This limit insures that each person receives an adequate amount of hands on training. You are welcome to bring your equipment and we will teach you how to use it to the best of its and your ability. This time is exclusively yours and there will be no other participants other than additional people you choose to bring.

For those that cannot make the trip to Virginia, A fully trained member of our staff will come to your location and provide the same training for you on location. This may be a more cost effective solution for some customers, as only one person would have to travel. In addition, we will help you set up your salon, equipment, spray room and also tan your initial customers for you. If you desire, we will spend additional time making sales calls with you helping you to build your business and implement the Scentual Sun marketing and distribution plan.

For more information pricing and available training dates please contact us toll-free at 1-888-326-9168.

Training Outline Day One

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the equipment / troubleshooting / maintenance / placement
  • The science behind the solution / how and why it works / types
  • The two schools of thought
  • Understanding the Scentual Sun System / color and fragrance customization
  • Setting up your salon. / ventilation, FDA product safety and sanitation procedures.
  • Introduction to airbrushing / basic techniques
  • Breaking down the body into quadrants / developing a repetitious personal style
  • Uncovering specialized needs of the customer / addressing those needs
  • Problem areas
  • Specialized techniques for problem areas
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • Supervised practice on actual clients

Training Outline Day Two

  • Supervised practice on actual clients
  • Introduction to body sculpting
  • The phone call, your first impression / belaying initial fears / today may not be the day
  • Meet and greet / The Scentual Sun way / waivers
  • Developing a rapport with your customer
  • Proper scheduling / new versus existing clients
  • Client Worksheet / skin afflictions / allergic reactions
  • Post-tanning instructions / dos and don’ts / tan maintenance
  • Getting the most from each of your customers
  • Dealing with problem customers / it’s not perfect
  • Marketing for success the Scentual Sun way
  • Additional profit centers
  • Customizing your print ready marketing materials
  • Understanding licensing and insurance on and off premises
  • Distributorship opportunities / adding a residual income to your business
  • The Scentual Sun license agreement and use of copyrighted materials
  • Receiving your Scentual Sun “Airbrush Tanning Specialist” Certificate of Completion

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