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  Color Customization

 The Dark Tropical and Clear Base Formulas can be used independently of each other and the fragrance additives. However, most customers prefer a blend of the two with a fragrance added. The system requires both Dark Tropical and Clear Formulas to be effective. The Dark Tropical Formula will be too dark initially for the majority of clients unless they have an extremely dark complexion. Blending to meet the individual skin tone of the client is imperative for natural looking results. Too much bronzer can get muddy looking on a fair skinned client. Additionally, some skin conditions such as large pores or hair follicles respond unfavorably to bronzers and just clear should be used.

The Clear Formula contains 10 % DHA and the Dark Formula contains 12 % DHA. However, the blend of F, D&C dyes and the additional DHA content of the Dark Formula will absorb into the skin producing a deeper, darker residual color base on the proportion used. The two most popular blends are 1/3 Dark and 2/3 Clear; this will result in a light, natural immediate color and prevent excess bronzer from rubbing off on clothing. The 1/2 Dark and 1/2 Clear blend results in a slightly darker initial color and so on. Depending on the needs of the salon artist or individual client, custom blending of the two formulas is a distinct advantage over other brands of airbrush tanning solutions. Regardless of the proportions used the bronzer color looks totally natural throughout its range. Dispensing pumps on the bottles allow for easy customization and consistency. Less bronzer is always the best way to start with first time clients and also fades more evenly on lighter skin. For extremely fair, first time clients use Dark and clear and shower in six hours.

For example: A business man or woman entering the salon in the morning desiring a tan but not wanting bronzer rubbing off on clothing throughout the day would use the clear formula. By the end of the day he or she would have a nice sunless tan and no residual bronzer on clothing. Use of the Clear Formula alone is only recommended for experienced airbrush technicians that utilize a distinct and repetitious body pattern. As the solution is clear, it is not easy to see on the skin and the tendency is to over apply the solution. A model requiring immediate color of varying degrees for a photo shoot might need a blend of the two formulas differing in ratio all the way up to 100% Dark Tropical Formula. Bodybuilders in competition would probably opt for the 100% Dark Tropical Formula, as they typically prefer the darkest possible color. Additionally, these clients will actually perform on stage with the bronzer on prior to showering. DHA is only capable of making skin so dark based on body chemistry. It will never be able to make the client as dark as the Dark Tropical Formula prior to showering.

Fragrance Customization

The twelve-fragrance selection provided in 2 oz. dropper bottles may be used to customize our airbrush tanning solutions and other water or alcohol based solutions. Depending upon the strength of the fragrance desired, between five and seven drops per ounce (30 ml.) of product should accommodate most preferences. Simply add the fragrance and give the gun a shake to blend. If the customer desires a stronger, longer lasting fragrance more may be added to suit their individual taste and visa versa. Fragrances may also be used to customize our before and aftercare products only as they were designed to accept them. Add fragrance again at about five drops per ounce of product and simply shake vigorously to blend.

The fragrances may also be blended together to customize a scent. The Vanilla is a nice compliment to all of the fruity scents. Fresh Pineapple goes very nicely with Coconut and Peaches. It is always better to start with less fragrance. More may be added but can never be taken away without diluting with more of the particular product.

CAUTION: Do not apply pure fragrances to the skin as they are not designed for this application and may cause an allergic reaction. Fragrances in topically applied products are responsible for the majority of allergic reactions. This is why our entire line is fragrance free yet fragrance customizable. The good thing is that fragrance sensitive people almost always know about their allergy because it is virtually impossible to find a fragrance free over-the-counter product.

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