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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

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Chapter 8:  How Much Solution And Time Does It Really Take?

The truth is that the majority of airbrush tanning companies misrepresents the time it takes to do a full body tan and the amount of solution you will use per customer. For example one company advertises that with three gallons of solution you will be able to do over 300 full body tans. Lets see there are 128 ounces per gallon multiplied by three equals 384 ounces. They advertise over 300 tans per gallon but for arguments sake lets just use 300. 384 ounces divided by 300 customers equals 1.28 ounces per customer. This may be true if all your customers aren’t over three feet tall. This is highly unlikely unless you tan nothing but four-year-old pageant contestants for a living. In actuality if you do a good job you can expect to use an average of three ounces per customer; some more some less. You can expect to receive about 50 full body tans per gallon on average in the real world.

The amount of time you spend with each customer is based on a number of factors and what school of thought you choose to employ. The fact is that there is no need to tan customers twice within three days, as most companies will advise. Using this school of thought you can tan an average customer in about 10 minutes and use about an ounce and a half of solution with less than perfect results. I have paid  for many of my customers to visit different salons using different solutions utilizing this approach. They were instructed to observe everything from brand of equipment to brand of solution. This included bottle size, times refilled, techniques used, etc. 

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