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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

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Chapter 9:  Video vs. Hands On Airbrush Tanning Training

Can you learn to airbrush effectively from a videotape? Not in my opinion. Sure, you can learn some basic techniques. Again techniques are like opinions and everybody will inevitably develop their own style.

In virtually every application video available, the model is a beautiful young woman with a perfect body and gorgeous skin. Unfortunately, this will be the smallest percentage of your clientele. The truth is that you will be tanning less than perfect people the majority of the time. Almost every person will have a part of their body that requires special attention and special techniques must be employed to address these idiosyncrasies individually. Trial and error is the way most people wind up learning how to airbrush successfully. Unfortunately, you do not have enough friends and relatives to practice on in order to get it right. The result of this is that you will wind up alienating customers because you were not properly trained. This is not good for the industry and certainly not good for your business.

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