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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

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Chapter 11:  Do I Need Airbrush Tanning Insurance?

There is only one answer to this question. Yes! In today’s world of frivolous lawsuits only the foolish would operate without insurance. There are too many scenarios that could result in a lawsuit devastating you financially especially if you are not protected by the veil of incorporation or limited liability.

The fact is that most airbrush tanning businesses remain uninsured and unincorporated. One lawsuit can wipe out your business and if unincorporated or unprotected from a veil of limited liability, can wipe you out personally as well. Goodbye house, car, cash, or any other liquid asset that could be used to settle a successful suit. A scenario no one likes to think about yet it remains a distinct possibility and suffices to say a probability. You wouldn’t operate a vehicle without insurance; own a home without insurance, so why should your business be any different?

Many salon owners are under the impression that if they add airbrush tanning to their existing business it will be covered under their liability policy. Wrong! The only thing that would be covered is an accident such as slipping or falling on the premises before or possibly after the service. Anything that occurs during or as a result of the application is not covered. This is where specialty insurers come in.

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