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Frequently Asked Questions


7. Why is an airbrush application better than those misting booths or applying by hand?

The airbrush is a precision instrument that allows for a smooth, flawless application. Special care can be taken to avoid over application on problem areas such as knees, elbows, hair, blemishes, hands, feet, and other skin afflictions that tend to absorb more color.

Mist-on booths require a series of body contortions within the booth to cover each area. The machine or the client has no control over the product and where it ends up. A shower cap must be worn to protect the hair from discoloration. A natural look will take the tan up to the hairline. This can’t be achieved in a booth without exposing it to the mist. Covering the hairline completely results in unsightly tan lines on the forehead and neck.

Most people who have used the various booths on the market have two compaints in common. The first is uneven total body coverage and the second is horrible looking feet and hands. To an educated airbrush technician this comes as no surprise. These booths don't gently cover the entire body with tanning solution, they soak it. Needless to say the majority of it lands on the feet creating a horrid condition. The feet and hands have a combination of thin skin and callous, the worst possible scenario for over application.

More importantly, the ability to hold your breath to avoid breathing the solution is a must. Booth operators should always provide you with nose filters and instruct you to cover the mucous membranes prior to application. The problem is that most booth operators are minimum wage employees that are either ignorant to these regulations or simply could care less. FDA guidelines specify that DHA should not be inhaled or applied to mucous membranes such as sinuses, lips, eyes, female genitalia and lungs. A female tanning nude covering the above mentioned body parts with solution violates all FDA guidelines with regard to the use of these products.

In addition, upon exiting the booth you are told to rub in and wipe off the excess solution which totally defeats the purpose of a spray on application. If you have to rub it in you might as well use a hand applied product.

Hand application often results in streaky coloration, stained palms, and terrible looking hands and feet. The airbrush with its inherent precision and flexibility combined with a well trained technician is by far the application method of choice

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