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“No Bull” facts about Airbrush Tanning

Chapter 10: Page 1 of 1
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Chapter 10:  Facts About Bronzer And Intensity Drops

Bronzer and intensity drops are basically not what they are cracked up to be. In most cases they are nothing more than concentrated color of varying types. This does nothing more than give the customer a darker initial color but does nothing to enhance the actual developed color that will remain after their first shower. Some contain copper and L-Tyrosine which do absolutely nothing to enhance color. There have been many studies that have proven this to be true. The claims are that L-Tyrosine aids in melanin production but there is no credible evidence to support this. Besides, melanin production is stimulated by exposure to ultraviolet light and has absolutely nothing to do with a sunless tan.

Unless these additives contain a concentrated DHA solution they will do absolutely nothing to enhance the sunless tan. If there is an adequate concentration of DHA and a dark bronzer in the solution these products are simply not necessary. They are more of a gimmick and waste of money than anything else, as a two to four ounce bottle can cost upwards of sixty dollars.

The Scentual Sun Dark Tropical Airbrush Tanning Solution is extremely dark. In most cases unless you are a bodybuilder going out on stage with the bronzer on, the average customer will not want to be this dark initially. Our system allows the technician to custom blend our Clear Base Formula (10% DHA)  with our Dark Tropical Formula (12% DHA) to achieve custom levels of initial color. Our solutions contain the highest concentration of certified, cosmetic grade DHA recommended by top cosmetic formulators.

Some companies are now advertising solutions with15 % or more concentrations of DHA. This is ridiculous. Not only are these solutions a waste of money, but they are incredibly drying to the skin. The drying effect to the skin is a characteristic of topically applied concentrations of DHA. The byproduct of DHA reacting with the keratin proteins and amino acids in your skin (The Maillard Reaction) is the production of water. This water comes from your skin effectively drying it out. Too high a concentration will lead to premature fading of the sunless tan due to the acceleration of the body's exfoliation rate relative to proper skin hydration. With Scentual Sun there are no gimmicks and no wasted money on products and ingredients that are simply unnecessary.

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